Barbarella ★★½

A sexy, swinging sci-fi romp about an astronaut cruising throughout the galaxy of the future, Roger Vadim's "Babarella" is weird enough to be watchable but never makes any real impact. It is interestingly visualized and boasts a memorable protagonist, but the film feels too flimsy for its own good.

In the 41st century, Babarella, an astronaut from Earth played by Jane Fonda, begins a journey to find a weapon-inventing villain who is out of step with the galaxy's sense of peace and fulfillment. This premise leads to a languidly paced adventure where the film's heroine comes in contact with all manner of '60s-themed space folk.

The story is fun but lightweight, and Vadim tells his story with gauzy pastels and set design that looks like something out of Desilu productions to reinforce that lightness. Its pace floats more than moves forward, and the film rarely engages with any forcefulness. Fonda sparkles, though, as the slightly-self aware space lass, her performance accentuating the idea that this enterprise is nothing to take too seriously.

Somewhat amusing but mostly weightless, "Barabarella" does have enough charms to make it watchable. It is pleasantly strange and features an appealingly interesting cast. The whole things lacks the power to stick, however, registering as a colorful but never-quite-satisfying experience.

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