Sorority House Massacre II ★½

Jim Wynorksi's "Sorority House Massacre II" is an instantly forgettable excuse to put underwear-clad actresses of questionable skill onscreen for almost 90 minutes. It is a spiritless slasher that jiggles, but provides no thrills or fun.

Picking up at some point after its predecessor, the almost watchable "Sorority House Massacre," left off, the sequel find a bevy of young women taking up residence in a house with a history. There are murders, ouija boards, and almost zero thrills of any kind. The script is dull; the production lackluster.

Had Wynorksi played up the camp and brought the film's silly and clever beats to the forefront, the film may have at least been entertaining. Instead, "Sorority Massacre II" flops with a dull thud. It is a tedious, clumsy horror film.

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