The Lego Movie ★★★★½

Boundingly energetic and frequently hilarious, "The LEGO Movie" is a surprisingly delightful film. With its sense of humor that targets both children and adults, colorful and complex animation, and overall message, the film is a smart and entertaining romp.

The film's narrative involves prophecies and master builders saving the LEGO-based world but can be boiled down to the best kind of archeytypal hero quest: a regular guy gets a chance to save the world, and must do so with the help of some people he meets along the way. The story is familiar, but the script is smart, somewhat subversive, and politically astute. Built on ideas like the importance of thinking for and being oneself and the general necessity of imagination, "The LEGO Movie" is a nicely thematically rich experience.

The film's animation is spectacular. Looking like a blend of stop motion and CGI, everything is LEGO, and everything is awesome. (Sorry.) From characters to backdrops, to sets and props, "The LEGO Movie" is completely built out of the building toy, and the result is fantastic.

Voice talent is spot-on with Chris Platt, Elizabeth Banks, and Morgan Freeman providing the heavy vocal-lifting. The film's multitudinous voices and LEGO characters power the film, providing surprises and the film's tremendous energy.

"The LEGO Movie" takes its impressive voice talent, classic story, sly sense of humor, and mesmerizing animation, and, under the guidance of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, weaves them into a film that is rich, intelligent, and spirited. A memorable and effective ride, the film is a crowd-pleaser that will enthrall children and adults alike.

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