The Overnight

The Overnight ★★★

A small-scale but largely raunchy comedy, Patrick Brice's "The Overnight" finds two married couples coming together for an awkward, grown-up playdate. Starring Adam Scott, Taylor Schilling, Jason Schwartzman, and Judith Godreche as the components of those couples, the film is solidly amusing, pleasantly ribald, and mildly memorable.

Revolving around Scott and Schilling's married couple who, after meeting one half of the Schwartzman/Godreche pairing plan what a dinner-time meet-up, "The Overnight" follows as couple number one gets more than it expected from the get-together. Taking a trip down playfully derpraved corridors, the film charts one wild and world-view expanding night.

The production is fat-free, boasting limited geography, a tiny cast, and a quick running time. Goofily sexy, the narrative is ideally framed by that production, and Brice imbues everything with an appealing energy conducted with inviting kick by his well-placed cast.

"The Overnight" is a sharp and funny piece of work that skewers prudish sensibilities with a gleeful glint in its eye. Its charms are not long-lasting, but they make for a sturdy and zesty experience.

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