The Rebound ★★★

A mildly engaging romantic comedy that is more about finding oneself than finding someone else, Bart Freundlich's "The Rebound" finds a divorcee bouncing back from collapsed marriage with younger man. There is not much to the film, but it is solid in all the ways it needs to be.

Starring Catherine Zeta-Jones as a woman on a titular rebound, "The Rebound" traces her path as she navigate the world of the recently unmarried. Finding zero romantic luck in suitors her own age, she latches onto Justin Bartha's younger man and launches a journey of self-discovery for each of them.

The story works within a certain formula but possesses entertaining narrative energy. The production is light and uptempo, and Zeta-Jones and Bartha create characters worthy of, at least, moderate investment.

Funny and warm, "The Rebound" is an above average rom-com with an inviting sense of self. Its charms are not long-lasting, but the film appeals throughout its running time.

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