• Do Revenge

    Do Revenge


    Absolutely awesome teen movie that will make you entertained.

    Camila and Maya really gave a stunning performance as Drea and Eleanor, 2 students that have a different attitude yet seems so similar.

    Storywise, this movie tells about revenge that being told in a really fun ways. Director, Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, done a really good job in making this movie not only watchable but also memorable.

  • Where the Crawdads Sing

    Where the Crawdads Sing


    The disturbing feels keep on increasing as the movie goes on.

    It really disturb me to see the couple not doing enough for the sake of their daughter. Whyyyyyyyyyy.

    Not to clear what is the motive of the crime. Maybe I'm not pay much attention on the motive.

    It just creeping me out.

  • And So The Baton Is Passed

    And So The Baton Is Passed


    I approached this movie without any information about what the movie is about. What i know that this is a family drama movie.

    The movie turn out to be one of the best movie I've seen this year.

    I love the non linear approach of it when everything is finally revealed at the end of the movie. You will keep waiting and guessing when the two story will finally crossed path.

    Absolutely beautiful movie.

  • In the Wake

    In the Wake


    A heartwarming movie about how tsunami and earthquake can tear apart not only the surroundings but also tear apart families that live there.

    In the wake focus on welfare and wellbeing of the people who affected by the tragedy.

    I definitely love how the story build up alongside the characters development. It connected you with the characters and the background story of their live.

    Towards the end, it takes you through twist and turn before ending it up with a powerful conclusion.

  • The Princess

    The Princess


    Not the best but definitely pack with action and straightforward story.

    Joey King as the princess is definitely overpowering and can single handedly crush bunch of masculine army.

    If you want to watch something entertaining and don't care so much about the story, this definitely a fun movie.

  • Emergency



    This is a really good movie about true firendship between college boys.

    On top of that it tackles a racial issues in a relaxed manner. You can feel the emotional tension between the characters that has a different background but in a nonviolence ways.

  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep


    I love how Mike Flanagan manage to combine Stanley Kubrick elements and Stephen King visions in one movie.

    On top of that, this movie also brings out the best in Mike's direction and make one of the best adaptation of Stephen King's story.

    Great casting of Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Ferguson. And not to mention the character that bind the story perfectly, Abra Stone potrays by Kyliegh Curran.

    Must watch by all The Shining fans.

  • The Dark Tower

    The Dark Tower


    Regarded as Stephen King's Magnum Opus, this film failed miserably.

    Hope for another adaptation for this title and we can scrap this film and forget about it.

  • I Came By

    I Came By


    It is a bit of letdown when you know that George Mackay is not the main character here. But overall the movie itself is not bad at all.

    The suspense and thrill is something that i love in this movie as it's manage to keep me on the edge of my seat. The story build up was ok but might a bit too fast.

  • Look Both Ways

    Look Both Ways


    Surprisingly good romcom title by Netflix. Love the creativeness of the movie on how it potrays 2 situation simultaneously.

    Even though the story is absolutely different but you will not get confused as it is well directed so you can definitely tell which is which.

    Great acting by Lili Reinhart.

  • Anime Supremacy!

    Anime Supremacy!


    This movie take you behind the scene of anime industry in Japan.

    A fierce battle between two new anime series which is led by a senior director, Chiharu Ōji and he is challenged by a newcomer, Hitomi Saito.

    This movie serve as a silence appreciation towards the challenging anime industry. Altough it might not 100% accurate from the reality, but it can somehow open the audience eyes about how hard the industry are.

    You will be experiencing a step by…

  • Honor Society

    Honor Society


    This teen movie is not your typical teen movie.

    It reminds me of the Easy A movie, another great teen movie by Emma Stone.

    Angourie Rice and Gaten Matarazzo give a really solid performance. Love how Gaten manage to escape from Dustin character and brings out a totally different performance.