Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

Glasgow Film Festival 2020 Surprise Film

I can't believe how much I lucked out, getting to see this at the UK Premiere - and as a surprise film no less! This was one of my most anticipated films of 2020, and as soon as I realised what it was when it had started playing, I did a literal fist pump in my seat. Delighted would be an understatement, and it absolutely delivered which makes it even better.

Despite there being some definite tonal weirdness in this movie, I couldn't not get behind this film and the message it puts forward. There have been a lot of movies like this coming out in the last year, obviously inspired by the Me Too Movement in many ways, but this one felt a little fresher than most. It tackles a very persistent issue which is culpability, and how responsible you are for an event even as a quote-unquote bystander. I haven't seen this particular aspect a lot in movies so it felt really great to see it being addressed.

Carey Mulligan completely shines in this movie as Cassandra, and her performance felt both steely and soft - the range of emotions she goes through, and the events she has to deal with are really powerful, and I found myself laughing one minute and wanting to cry the next watching this. Stylistically it was really up my alley too, with vivid almost cartoonish colours at points, and great visuals. Bo Burnham also knocked it out of the park as Ryan - I will never forget that Paris Hilton pharmacy moment. It has my heart forever.

I don't want to go into any more detail for fear of spoilers, but I would 100% recommend people see this when it comes out. But please bear in mind, it could be extremely triggering for anyone who has dealt with sexual assault so look after yourself and make the decision that is best for you in this instance.

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