Heat ★★★★★

The heat is on, the table is set, and the game, one so crushingly consequential, has begun.

It is consequential in how each action provokes a reaction, how everything stems as much from the procedure these characters adhere to as to the intensity of emotion that drives them to act.

Consequential in how you can trace the carnage of the story upwards like following the roots of a tree, each piece of collateral damage stemming from a very tangible seed of harm.

Consequential in how it implicates not just crime but our reactions to crime in the narrative, egotism and avarice and obsession casting a wider net of harm (in ways both direct and indirect) then any one bank job could ever do.

Consequential in how it treats its violence, with brutal efficiency and shocking compassion, the act of violence (through deafening gunshots and intense sparring battles with fists and with voices) given a level of intensity undercut at every turn by compassion. Gunshots riddle cars, bullets linger in men, fights linger in the minds of all, the toll that each instant of violence takes upon the world we witness bringing everyone down in the coaxial chain of harm.

Consequential in how even a single shell casing carries a universe of implications, for we understand who fired it, why it was fired, where it will land, and (even if only instinctively) who it will harm, the consequence of an entire society's implication in crime brought to life with a degree of care and concern few other films could ever hope to match.

Consequential in its love for humanity, when depicting us at our worst and our messiest and our most violent and cruel, because everyone has a reason to commit even the most heinous crime, and everyone has a story to tell no matter which side of the law they end up on. A cat and mouse game only works when both parties are involved, after all, and without the thrill of the chase, what would be left for us to witness?

The board will be cleared as the game ends, because a good chase will never last forever. The cat and the mouse must both rest, be it by choice or by force. When all is said and done, will it be worth it? All the strife and consequence and harm and agony, all the bullet wounds embedded in the world and its people?

Only the players can know, because only they can feel the heat of the moment. All we can do is watch in awe, and witness the spectacle of consequence unfolding in this most grandiose chase.

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