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crystal casino


i would be an aspiring filmmaker but i'm already good at music so i'm just sticking to my guns 😎

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  • The Informant!

    The Informant!


    5 reasons i loved this movie:
    1. marvin hamlisch’s INCREDIBLE score
    2. melanie lynskey is so pretty
    3. it’s SO FUNNY
    4. patton oswalt cameo?!
    5. again, marvin hamlisch with one of the best title themes i've ever heard in a movie

  • Wicked Flying Monkeys

    Wicked Flying Monkeys


    this was super boring and lame but i’m watching it for a youtube video!! stay tuned

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  • Booksmart



    bruh i wasn’t sure if i wanted to give this 4 stars or 4.5 stars but that ending sealed the deal for me honestly
    also this is ANOTHER movie about girls going out of their comfort zone and coming out being happier i definitely have a thing for this type of movie

  • Lupin the Third: The First

    Lupin the Third: The First


    god, i waited a year to watch this movie and it did NOT disappoint. this is exemplary conversion of 2D animation to 3D CGI, and i'm incredibly elated that this was as entertaining as i'd hoped it would be. the story is a pretty cool idea, and the plot, while kind of predictable, was really fun to experience. some of the gags in this movie were great, i found myself laughing out loud (at 3 AM) quite a few times…