Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo ★★★★★

It is SHOCKING to me that this film still genuinely terrifies me even after three watches! 

Keep in mind that I am currently staying in a cabin... in the middle of the woods... and it is completely dark outside. With every rewatch I find my stomach aching horribly because of what comes in the last 15 minutes of the film. The image is forever burned in my mind and I don’t think there is ever getting rid of it. What also stunned me was is I always forget how fucking believable these characters are and how devastating the actors performances were. The chills you get from this film are insane.

I feel like leaving this review off with a few short spooky occurrences/ghost encounters I feel like I’ve had (because I don’t think I’ve ever really had a LEGITIMATE ghost encounter. Although, I wish I have, you know how cool that would be!?). 

1. I was walking home in the middle of the night after hanging out with a friend of mine when I looked up at the house on the left of me and saw a silhouette standing at the window just staring at me. I of course ran for my life for like 5-10 minutes.

2. I was taking care of my neighbors cats one night and they told me to water the plants on their balcony. So I did what they told me to do and went outside to water them. After finishing watering I went to go inside only to find that the door had been closed AND locked! I looked through the window and none of the cats were to be seen. I then jumped off the balcony and walked around the house and when I went to the front door I saw the cats looking through both windows on each side of the door, but not at me... I froze up and decided I wasn’t feeling the ghost encounter thing and I just walked straight forward and away back to my home.

3. I was drying myself off from the shower at the complete opposite side of the room of my record player. I promise you I would have not been able to press the one and only play/stop button from that ways away. It just began to play music that I had. No explanation, nothing.

BONUS STORY: My mom told me that one night she woke up to papers flying completely around her room (and she explained is like as if someone placed their hand at the top of a stack of papers and swiped their arm back letting the papers fly all around).

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