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  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
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  • Blithe Spirit

    Blithe Spirit

    Golden Age Hooptober challenge and it’s Haunted House time.

    “Madame Arcati: We might contact a poltergeist - which would be extremely destructive and noisy.
    Ruth Condomine: In what way destructive?
    Madame Arcati: They throw things, you know.“

    Margaret Rutherford (aka Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple) is perfection. I love the way she played the eccentric medium in this! This movie is so cute and funny! I loved Madame Arcati! And she not only had the crystal ball but also a Ouija Board too! 🖤

  • Where East Is East

    Where East Is East

    Golden Age Hooptober challenge with Lon Chaney’s last silent film. I’m marking this as a country challenge (Laos, though it’s an American film), and also a Diverse Film. This is white washed with American actors playing at being “Asian” but the actress that plays the daughter is one of the first successful Mexican actresses of her time and nicknamed “The Mexican Spitfire”, Lupe Vëlez.

    “”I’d sooner see one of those tigers get you… than her.”

    Is this a horror film?…

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  • Häxan


    Golden Age Hooptober challenge movie with this Oldie. Bringing it way way back to the 1920s decades is 𝙷𝚊̈𝚡𝚊𝚗: Witchcraft Through the Ages. It’s also a countries challenge as this is a Sweden film.

    “We no longer burn our old and poor. But do they not often suffer bitterly?"

    I watched this version on HBO Max and it’s a great restoration. It’s a good documentary on witchcraft and superstition. It does even try to make you think perhaps it’s true.…

  • Isle of the Dead

    Isle of the Dead

    Golden Age Hooptober 8.0 challenge with this movie set in Greece.

    “Dr. Drossos: I meet my old familiar enemy, Death. I've fought him before. I've won, often. Now he wins. Let him come for me.”

    Epidemics, quarantines, superstitions? Well this isn’t set in today’s times but it feels very much like it. It’s dark, moody and has wonderful Boris Karloff. The acting is good by the others, but their story is minimized so much that the only characters that stand…