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This review may contain spoilers.

"There's a one hundred percent certainty of impact".

The political standpoint with films is oblivious to me honestly. How could a wisecracking director like Adam McKay go into exploitative heights to get the word out? Just look up, will you? I mean sure the government in their own rights are both corrupt liars who won't take your credit in being self-aware of global events or anything in particular that they too saw the difference of stupidity and absurdity. For someone who doesn't love the type of politics in movies. Politics in films are either spreading the word of the message or depict real-world conflicts. We have conflicts such as climate change, racism, police brutality, poverty, immigration, LBGTQ discrimination or equal rights. Politics can change a film. It can bring a movie into chaos or can be a real conversation for the entire world. To be honest that is what happened with McKay's Don't Look Up.

Don't Look Up is a lavish political satire depicting the reality of how much politics can affect a global catastrophic event. I found this the hard way considering this film is receiving negative reviews on this site and we all have our own opinions. We the animals can't just descent in complete chaos just because someone said "Filthy rich" in a local bar. I think Adam McKay went so far as to depict a rather not so true but too potentially good to be true. We the planet are stupid over selves. But I go into the rabbit hole of social media where people say the dumbest shit. Even go far as to blow up political agendas straight from strong politicians. I could say Adam McKay did the impossible in crafting the non-linear satire to prove a point.

Questions arose how much of the big-name cast destroyed the film's reputation in being sinister or perfect satire. Some say the comedic tone of this film destroyed for what could've been a dark film. This is Armageddon on steroids. Nobody would think this would be this good. At some point during the film's first or second act, I asked "What was McKay thinking when he filmed scenes?" Everything as if now feels like he's speaking himself. He casts a supporting group of characters that range from unaware of global destruction while the other side try to steer into the political incorrectness of the government. McKay wants to present these scenes of politics so the audience can know firsthand. The Government debunks Dr. Randall Murphy's discovery of a comet that's the size of Mount Everest. The idiotic government tries to silence Murphy and Kate from exposing their incorrectness in the comet being 100% real. Although the government characters can be the film's antagonists since there keeping a big secret that's global destruction.

Jonah Hill's character explains lots of scientists, world renowned leads of people who've discovered a variety of global events that could be the next rookie of destroying the world or putting it in shame. Since the Government refuses to listen then the News itself, they debunk it because once the word is out for the government, it never happened. This film also depicts a real-world scientific experiment Elon Musk and Nasa developed to launch a technologically advanced drone to make scanning of the asteroid before knocking out, preventing it to destroy the earth. It somewhat re-writes history, something Quentin Tarantino utilized in his depiction of the Manson Murders also Sharon Tate in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The world does end in the final act. Everyone from across the world including our main protagonists die in the final act.

Dozens of people from across the globe die because the government is so corrupt and are misogynistic liars that it all ends up being awful plus the Elon Musk inspired character's plan fails. At some point FBI agents silence Randall Murphy and Kate from exposing the truth that the Government is lying to the world. For me Randall Murphy despite being the number 1 womanizer in the world and the media especially Kate becoming the world's number 1 internet meme. Randall Murphy tried to expose the truth dozens of times especially one scene where Leonardo DiCaprio delivers a fantastic monologue that left me awfully speechless. As a result, Kate becomes an internet meme also gets silenced.

These successful astrometry scientists who've discovered a comet have a right to expose the truth or warn the world about a potential global threat. The film handles a civil war of its own against Murphy's side and President Janie Orlean and her idiotic son Jason. Janie wants to keep things normal while Murphy and Kate start the world a crying burst in protest. All of this chaos leads to destruction. People pray but nothing could save them. In the final act, Randall Murphy, Kate and Yule go to visit Randall's wife. They all have their final moments, and we learn some character stuff which I appreciated for a final act. The world panics, people wonder if they could have sex or pray or drink until they die.

The strange significance where Nasa ships turn around to abort the mission just because the President wants more to wait for chaos then to solve the problem. But most importantly what this film spreads all across is how rich people including the corrupted government don't listen to people who aren't rich but are successful enough themselves. In the bar scene, people ask what's the glowing truth about the whole government plan on destroying the comet. Kate responds angrily that there is gold and rich inside the comet. That represents how foolish or disgusting rich people are including the government's dirtiest secrets to keep something so awfully horrendous that they might as well be able to abandon their money and speak for the people then just to hide it.

Adam McKay discovers these scenes with showy political strengths and downright absurd political commentary within characters. The fact Kate tried to warn the world and she became an overnight trend is something the news can't keep to their empty pockets. Randall on the other hand can't just be the world's famous scientists just because he didn't yell like Kate. Every character here are stupid, that's the point. A creative Adam McKay has to put the world in steady impact before all hell breaks loose. I love the visual approach brought here. All of the cast members do some level of performance buzz but some of the casts are largely misspoken, or their screen time is either limited or if it wants to introduce new characters, it takes a while to develop them.

Adam McKay was a man of comedic genius. He's no stranger to absurd politics, the media or even the news as a matter of fact. I think most of the film's objective green screen, reliance on CGI especially the film's creatures in the end credit scenes took me out of the movie. Some of the dialogue is strong while others are just there to exploit humor. I do get the approach that they made it more comedic and pitch black, but it could've limited the political commentary or limited the humor since what the world especially the characters are trying to face is no awful laughing matter.

Maybe we don't just tune into the news all that much basically. I mean to be completely honest Ariana Grande's character was so pointless in this film. The film has this unnecessary plot line that Grande's role goes through a nasty break-up with a DJ. On live television, Riley gets back with her lover DJ and rock the world with the film's main theme song "Just look Up" and then the two never show up again. Ariana Grande didn't need to be in the film if the plot hole is a nasty break-up turned get back together. If that wasn't there, then it would've given the film more impact. For Chris Evan's cameo in the film that's an actor starring in a movie inspired by the comet situation that is a major blockbuster was part of the plot and it made me laugh.

There are characters that are so underused that could've done any sort of credit for the plot. The random cuts to people reacting to the posts or social media trends or cutting to random videos of everyday things such as wildlife or animals did more damage to the story in a good way. For the performances, Jennifer Lawrence was absolutely glowing in this film, Leonardo DiCaprio did an excellent job as well, every cast member is excellent despite poor material. I could say Rob Morgan is incredible as Teddy. He gives off a positive genuine farce to the whole comedic balance in this film that's astounding. Cate Blanchett was so unrecognizable for her role. I mean Mark Rylance made an excellent impression of Elon Musk.

I feel bad for Timothee Chalamet. He's introduction to his character isn't developed until like the second act. We never learn anything from his character except the fact he hates his family or is religious for his own kind. These characters are basically real people in real situations. The humor was funny at times, sit tight and assess was the funniest things I've heard in 2021. After the end credits rolled. I click the tv only to see the news and I said out loud "Fuck You". I mean hey even if the world can end in any moment, Don't Look Up may be a saving grace for a new generation.

The editing choices, cinematography choices. I wish they used more creative used to things type of shots considering Adam McKay is well known for comedic bits for shots. I felt actively disappointed to the fact the script is so poorly written. This film is lucky that the dialogue is smart and ingenious for certain reasons I think the social commentary also is humorous. In the end, the villains, the government won but the end credit scene said similar. In the end credits, the remaining people such as the strong politics, President Janine Orlean and Peter isherwell go to a mysterious planet filled with exotic landscapes, nature and a lush Avatar environment. The butt naked survivors land on the planet only to get viscously eaten by bird looking creatures. They don't just get eaten or mulled by the media or the people but the creatures.

This goes to show how much of a political farce politician are for lying to the entire world. The government won but in the end they lose. The other end credit involved Janine's son Jason is the only survivor in the already destroyed planet earth. Although this end credit can't possibly root for a sequel because billions of people here on this site loath it so it can't root for a sequel. We can't have Jonah Hill wander across the destroyed earth finding survivors. That would be a waste of money and time so as this film. The problem is keeping a comedic tone also rely heavily on CGI moments and problematic green screen effects was all too ineffective for such a smart satire.

There are other films that deal with this specific sight of conflict. The two famed scientists and the corrupted government and everyone in the media in between is interesting but when you combine lots of the same repeated elements all over again. It gives the audience an awful headache. The film looks appealing, but never does it have the look of a satire. The witty humor is humorous at times but never have I sit into 2 hours of characters wandering around the state to warn people or sit in the White House stoned and confused. The music was horrible and having "Just Look Up" a nice song but doesn't fit the tone of this film.

The film had no business being overlong and complicated to follow. As a film it succeeds at strikes of smart satire humor especially the cast's Oscar buzz upbringing. I think having politics or the "message" didn't made things right. Adam McKay writes his films like if it's a tweet made by stupid famous people. While the strong performances evaluate the material. All we have is tedious upon tedious little rocks of nothing. "You can cover my face for speaking Adam McKay all you fucking want"

Don't Look Up is a rather sensational, flawless depiction of political satire. It pitches shifts the right cast of actors and the right cast of the political commentary and the right cast of sly humor and the right cast of bloated CGI and one explicit end credit scene that's unnecessary so as it's runtime. It could've been so much better and better directed. I think we have to accept the fact Adam McKay is something of a big-name attention seeker in the entire globe. He's the real comet of this film. But I will say this, 2022 is going to be the best year for movies for better or worse. You really think the end credit scene in the mysterious Avatar planet was heavily inspired by the fact by the point where an incoming comet comes to destroy life as we know it, Elon Musk and the government is taking us to Mars, or the planet inspired by this film? I think we should stop pestering or lecturing politics at this point since it is ruining our planet, more than Instagram models ruining beautiful landscapes or trees for popular tourism.

In conclusion if you like seeing political satire then I would recommend you all see the antisemitic Elmo videos and make it into your own film. Trust me it could be even better than this majestic piece of art political farce. The performances from everyone are excellent but despite the clueless efforts in making a perfect political satire, it fails at awfully progressing that into one whole 2-hour film. In a world where Netflix's Squid Game might be the only entertaining thing to binge, Don't Look Up felt like an investment scam. Overall, a disappointing yet hilarious film.

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