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This review may contain spoilers.

“A Gun and a radio...not exactly Christmas is it?”

Sometimes I want to re watch Skyfall thinking about how much creativity, strive and energy it’s able to deliver on a Roger Deakins cinematography crown level. Even though Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace are my favorite Bond films without a doubt I feel that Skyfall defines what James Bond movies are supposed to be lightheaded, action packed and has tons of great characters those elements represent what a James Bond movie should be not just a silly goofy retread plots we heard millions of times before still I love Sky fall gets everything right about spy films in general in terms of performances, characters and cinematography the film as a whole is special and memorable. Not that I wasn’t too fan wavers on Quantum of Solace since everyone loathe that film I can honestly say Sky Fall is best out of the series. 

The reason Sky fall changes the subject that what made Quantum of Solace so brilliantly outstanding with the exception of Roger Deakins’s camerawork he tends style between action and choreographing making the film’s action sequences stellar, exciting and hard to believe actually. Can’t believe Roger didn’t walk out with a glorious Oscar winner for his unique camerawork for this film his cinematography choices are extremely effective and surreal pounds the very chest of James Bond but at the same time gets me up in my seat because of how intense and memorable the action sequences tend to build many beautiful locations and how the score thinks twice about how intensity composing scores get rising the bar suspense of disbelieve. Also it provides less action and focuses more on Bond’s mission getting back the richest glass rebuilding MI6 organization after his mission went horribly wrong he sets out to find  ruthless terrorist Silva who wants to take over MI6 and demise M plus the crew itself. You buy these other characters are believable and reasonable there not written in the engaging story but serve a propose for the movie’s problematic plot you get characters like Q, M and Gareth Mallory surprisingly played by Ralph Fiennes, Boy does Grand Budapest Hotel bring him back to his Schindler’s List past.

Javier Bardem gives the year’s frantic yet memorable performance of his entire career sure he may rock in No Country for Old Men considering the best picture movie triples on Bardem’s menacing performance we became invested in him inside No Country For Old Men because his character was well-written and we felt sympathy for the villain. Even though his villain character looked cartoonish and goofy but the pain staking delivery Bardem gives out is without a doubt invisible to ignore. Stapled by Bardem’s haunting yet unforgettable performance he gets all the attention from the audience to proceed his skill in playing bad villains in movies. You can tell Javier Bardem is the next Marlon Brando if you think about it.

Let’s not forget about the film’s powerful, engaging opening credits it turns many heads when it starts to pressure on any white knuckle audience the opening scene gives them claustrophobic nerves as what’s to happen meaning the film’s energetic opening credits  mixed by Adele’s incredible voice this exciting movie opener stands tall above any James Bond opening credit openings. While Casino Royale and Solace do have some memorable opening credits it was the old school bond films that had the most silly opening credits after the Bond films started to get goofy and silly. Skyfall’s opening credits gets me excited as to what the story is going to take me on what kind of mission or espionage James Bond is going through this time as it turns out the opening credits is the best opening credits since Suicide Squad.

The character conflicts James Bond faces through on a espionage level is believable and I assume that the Javier Bardem magnetic performances still grabs me from the eyes experiencing such beloved action fire and memorable characters. The scene where Q and James Bond have some kind of arrangement or pep talk there banter is extremely well deserved and hilarious. What makes it even better is that Ferris Bueller isn’t behind them staring at art forms inside the museum there in. The chemistry Q and Bond have is Oscar Worthy don’t they make great code name friends?. If you think about it Q is like Alfred he gives all the coolest looking cars, weapons, suits, technology etc.. so Bond is like..never mind. 

The MI6 world is so in the underworld fantastic that it’s almost hard to believe most of the film’s amazing action scenes and characters you live in a society where everyone can’t be trusted or reasoned with because the utopia MI6 sets up with is similar to how Mission Impossible or more recently John Wick both being engaging storyboard movies having a lot in common with the world they set themselves in when presenting spies or how Nolan Bond can get regardless of how cranky Daniel Craig can get hating playing James Bond. Craig also is more sexier and more incredible then the previous stubborn spy we used to know him by since Die Another Day fell to the ground on the death match. 

Oh wow I can’t forget about the Shanghai location it is still cinema’s best movie locations since Nolan’s Interstellar, Shanghai in Sky fall I love the use of blue coloring and lighting it transcends into a vivid neon blue it was inspiring and colorful showing how Bond and Patrick have their fight scene with the exception of Roger Deakin’s unique camerawork there fight is hidden behind a shadow it felt effective and makes it surreal and intense. I love how the Bond films don’t focus on the spectacle only focuses on characters and their conflicts where Specter didn’t get right. In terms of how Shanghai’s beautiful location previous Bond films take the passion and skill in world building regardless of the action you can tell the directors put thought and care filming nice locations narrowing down to how Casino Royale set in realistic modern day Las Vegas during a poker game might have been the most honest location studious can afford on making Bond films whenever locations spiral on your eyes it also gives you a breathtaking view on where the adventure takes place. 

The cast members give wonderful performances they should be proud of their roles especially not Daniel Craig who again loathe playing James Bond he only does it for the money I guess unless if it’s the Pierce Bronson or Henry Cavill pitch shift paycheck then you got a ruthless movie. The movie is pretty irresistible never lets go of excitement tends to work out James Bond’s most personal needs in putting out a mission. I love James Bond movies gets me into the mood of everything excitement, Daniel Craig is great as Bond nobody can steel his role other then Craig we can’t not forget him.

In conclusion Sky fall is Roger Deakin’s best camera worthy camerawork to date even if you agree that his win 1917 proved to be larger in scale think again! this film manages to push boundaries of action cinema presenting Roger’s talented use of moving position he knows how to put the camera in the right place he makes a lot of great choices. Also Sam Mendes is the best choice for director in a James Bond film, Sam Mendes’s direction puts the intelligent landmark of action movie cinema putting loads of colorful images and great use of lighting. The action sequences are well-shot and not that non linear as the first two but as memorable as they may hear it’s still fun and entertaining. Overall Sam Mendes’s Sky Fall is best of the franchise might have been the best Bond film I’ve seen in years has tons of visually striking imagery and breathtaking locations, Sky Fall is electrifying and jabs lots of powerhouse acting just so stellar indeed.

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