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"For my ally is the force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. It's energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the force around you.'

May the force be with you all. :)

There was once a creditable blockbuster somewhere in a video store far far away...Star Wars Empire Strikes Back is a genuine masterpiece, I really forgot how masterful this second entry came to be when I first saw it as a kid. Years later I am still amazed looking up at this cinematic piece of art that revolutionized cinema also the science fiction genre, not only does Empire Strikes Back broke new landmarks it succeed telling an adventure quest then write a story, despite George Lucas not being in the directors chair for Empire, this movie is what science fiction movies should be and thanks to Empire, various science fiction filmmaker pioneers went on to make there own complex, intelligent, revolutionary science fiction films. Empire Strikes Back is the reason Hollywood exists since Disney ruined the brand of Star Wars and what made it special for guess millions of fans, For me Disney in fact ruined pop culture especially Star War's own phenomenon formula getting fanboys excited and what we're left in the end with Disney's corrupt scum releasing the sequel trilogy which is an carbon copy of the original trilogy except with new characters remaking the original source material. Still getting into Empire Strikes Back is quite wonderful, revisiting one of the greatest movies of all time did bring me back to the good old days when Disney wasn't involved with Star Wars at the time also seeing my favorite characters come to life on the screen is what I call "a masterful reunion"

Empire Strikes Back a classical masterpiece in almost every single level, I love this movie as a science fiction lover, Empire excels not telling a story and focuses on the character's adventures through a series of scenes. A New Hope developed characters in such a way where we can relate to them in future movies even though A New Hope focused on the story also characters, Empire Strikes Back sets up a new formula where various characters go through various challenges, obstacles, themes of loss and grief surprisingly well-written crafted into one amazing adventure mixed with character conflicts and arks. Everyone from Han Solo, Leia, Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker are developed so incredibly well in this film that it's flawless. Irvin Kershner was a nice replacement for George Lucas since he directed the first installment, Irvin Kershner's choices presented here are unique and exquisite. The movie is more about the conflicts our characters face while the first order takes them under there advantage or under there wing.

The first order arrives with new improvements taking new world orders element seriously by destroying what's left of the planet hoth and there environment, the AT-AT walker action sequence on Hoth is beautifully executed with the exception of the miniatures and the visual effects for the hoth battle is way better then what Disney dumped in the amazingly crappy sequel trilogy. The miniatures are built with the AT-AT fighters and x-wing ships there designed so well with the rest of the production with ships, spacecrafts are designed so perfectly. John William's score set the tone beautifully for the hoth scene, it builds and builds until the action gets intense and not gonna lie the hoth scene is well-executed, well-shot and the miniatures are quite the spectacle when designing real-life ships that are hand-made and are blended nice with the visual effects.

Irvine Kershner's direction takes Star Wars into another level because this movie is more in line combining a snowy fever dream with a reasonable honest space opera. Theories suggested George Lucas directed Empire and Return of the Jedi but hearing this theory now sounds kinda cheesy because hey, George Lucas isn't the lazy one here doesn't mean he steps out of the directors chair for two Star Wars installment doesn't make him irresponsible or hiding in plain sight, Darth Vader's character ark is more parental and menacing this time, Vader is seduced by the dark side and Luke climbs his way to help him join the light side, you can tell Vader is a reasonable character here, he doesn't just want complete control over a entire ecosystem across the universe destroying planets, Vader wants an new world order so he see what the universe lies for him when all the planets fad away.

Vader has a soul even though the prequels developed his character in a poor manner and didn't take his menacing ark seriously making it hard to believe also laughable. Han Solo gets injected from this movie really for no reason because Han made a sacrifice so Luke, Leia and chewie head out of cloud planet. The film's visuals are much better and rendered with great resolution alongside the nice sound design which makes the scene involving action exciting and unique. There's a difference between action and suspense where Empire Strikes Back succeeds building suspense with John William's iconic score. The cast give wonderful performances especially Carrie Fisher who is always perfect as Princess Leia despite being the relatable strong female character she is, Carrie FIsher brought a lot of strength and doubt into the role without having to be moved to the back out of the spotlight.

The movie honestly splits our character's adventures into various section pieces. The first section is the battle on Hoth which is executed well and my favorite segment is when Luke Skywalker goes to the planet Dagobah training for the force, Yoda trains Luke in very memorable scenes which are both inspiring and the direction chosen here is amazing seeing Yoda train the force with Luke was something a character should accomplish when given gifted powers, Luke's difficult training makes him confident and stronger while Dagobah's setting feels so organic and mushy, Luke's wise balance towards the force was stunningly organized through Yoda's helpful advice given to him when Luke balances the force in a strong and focused manner which makes the scene valuable, Luke isn't gifted power just yet, doesn't just randomly appear, the force comes to him when the force decides if he's worthy handling this sort of power.

It's amazing to see a space opera epic develop interesting character arks using conflict as a big obstacle overcoming there true force. Everything about Empire's strict narrative structure relays on Han's relationship with Leia, Darth Vader learns sympathy for himself, Luke desperately learning the ways of the force, the epic quest lied within character conflicts and interesting arks between them. The first order in general keeps wiping out the universe's closest planets containing all human life, environments wildlife as we know it so Vader pretty much isn't a menacing figure. The script is well-written and intelligent, the dialogue is incredibly strong and poetic guess Yoda had the most memorable lines since his inspiring wise believing in Luke's establishment using the force made Yoda an inspiring quote for words.

The action sequences are fantastic unlike the first one having some very dated visuals, Empire beautifully crafts action perfectly well especially the lightsaber duels there a lot memorable then the sequel trilogy and the prequel trilogy probably because the light saber duels are getting too old and there not exciting or visually adaptive now but back in the day Empire's lightsaber duels are blended so well with the visual effects even Spaceballs can't count how many duels there are that are actually visually striking. The creature designs are organic and fleshes out the film's story using creatures meaning the first order is watching all over the place.

Although if George Lucas directed Empire Strikes Back it would've have been the same successful blockbuster and greatest movie of all time and sure George Lucas butchered this trilogy adding adjustments and overall improvements to the visual effects adding CGi making the original films a unoriginal newer addition only with CGi. The cinematography is beautiful captured action sequences and spectacle stunningly well, the editing is beautifully crafted, the music even to this day is iconic and Vader saying "I AM YOUR FATHER" was a clever twist that people didn't actually notice happen even though Vader's real name Anakin Skywalker is related to the Luke Skywalker well...I won't complain seeing this unexpected twist was like being stuck in a visible rip cage.

Empire Strikes Back has a lot going on in terms of cinematic masterpiece each character get lots of screen time developing there characters and the conflicts intertwined are essential to the film's themes of death, loss, love and vengeance translates this film in every single emotional ground ever. The emotional scenes were quite bonding then what the first one it is the film's groundbreaking highlights, seeing characters we love fade is not filled with fan service more in line gasp or emotional pain. I mean the Han Solo death in Force Awakens didn't allow me to sleep because he was the coolest character in cinema history although cocky at times he still had a touching bond with Princess Leia plus his Falcon ship is twice as badass.

What's the deal with the first order building a death star after a death star each film the rebel alliance destroys the death star good then out of the bloom the first order builds another Death Star, isn't a wide compliant for me but it's things I notice taking notes down on paper like a real person should do when watching a movie. The science fiction genre becomes a revolutionary dystopia inside Star War's big fanbase and the fanbase dies quickly now since the last Star Wars film stinks guess we're never going to see another Star Wars movie like this ever again because the amazing nostalgia, characters, action, romance, death isn't memorable anymore, from a corrupted Disney perspective seeing a once beloved franchise die in the hands of us: the crazy fanboys is poorly abused by Disney himself considering Mickey Mouse owns Star Wars and there's nothing we could do bringing back the once loved franchise back to it's roots.

The major success Empire Strikes Back has with it's popularity is actually rare, I know lunatic driven fanboys swarm the franchise more then I do. I still love Irvine Kershner's direction presented here it glows like a shinny yellow robot, yes C-3PO the character who gets all the hate from his friends. What I am saying is Empire Strike Back accomplishes things a movie can't do today because the film's visuals are spectacularly realistic and beautifully crafted, the miniatures are incredible, the acting is quite fantastic. Irvine Kershner did a wonderful job taking over Lucas's creative field there's the creative output that stretches to the cinematography, it's well-paced action, Empire is nothing but a masterpiece done right. Lucas sadly didn't get to direct this masterpiece but overall I think the people involved did a fantastic job making a generation Star Wars sequel in the vine of showcasing a visual story then a written story because think Star Wars as an actual plan draft for a mission each plan includes obstacles a character should face during a battle, destroy the villain's foolish plans in destroying planets, blow up the death star then all go home. Star Wars is a fancy plan draft combined with characters having to face challenges which is brilliant in every function.

In conclusion Empire Strikes Back is one of the most thought provoking science fiction films I've ever seen, it's technical aspects go far beyond the amazement that is the characters, villains, adventure, Irvine created an Star Wars movie different then what we experienced from the first film it's more darker, complex and emotionally deep. I love the set-pieces and world building shown here it's incredibly groundbreaking, revolutionary also the stakes are risen at the top. The visual effects are fantastic, John William's score is always iconic, Empire Strikes Back pretty much excels at everything it's nothing but a snow globe dressed as a space opera. It's a spectacle.

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