The Master

The Master ★★★★★

Paul Thomas Anderson returns for The Master a well-directed, slow paced depiction of a veteran soldier recovering from a traumatic world war belonging on Lancaster Dod’s organization called “The Cause” a group of intelligent role models willing to risk their lives forgiving, blessing your 
mind into deeper reality. Joaquin Phoenix plays Freddie recovering from Vietnam War, Freddie is traumatized, stressed out from his glory days of war pushing him aside into Lancaster Dod and his secret organization transforms Freddie into believing mind reading, spiritual rituals are his strong suit instead of Freddie looking for peace after War, his traumatizing pain is cured joining Lancaster and his developed spiritual group. Paul Thomas Anderson handles this concept, premise pretty vague while the audience gets engaged into Freddie’s dramatic pain, Lancaster’s ruthless group “The Cause”. 

Paul Thomas Anderson’s direction helps this spiritual mind control stand out, Joaquin Phoenix, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams give outstanding performances influence their characters more in development and succeed at their unique skills. I founded Phillip Seymour Hoffman the movie’s grounded highlights, Lancaster Dod is cinema’s greatest characters, villains or a sadistic leader. As for Joaquin Phoenix (who plays Freddie Quale very quiet looking for a leader so he can re-build his world of peace.) The Master’s unfortunate title says a lot about Paul Thomas Anderson’s concept.

The Master is a well-directed commentary on traumatized people searching for a leader to lead them into peace, justice, freedom from their miserable lives. Having a Paul Thomas Anderson film talk about cult leaders does justice for any talented actor involved in this film. The cinematography follows the actors moves where ever they go placing the camera in their hopeless expressions searching for a leader than just walking off alone without a master. Still Paul Thomas Anderson pokes fun at Scientology cults and plays with that parody very dramatically not in a hilarious way. The experience while watching, The Master is without word complicated, dramatically acted, Phillip Seymour Hoffman lit the screen on fire alongside his mysterious group “The Cause”. 

I very much enjoyed The Master it’s a dusted period peace watching the actors give their excellent performances is the film’s golden highlights in terms of characters and story. For now The Master is held as modern, energetic, incredibly acted and Paul Thomas Anderson stands tall in crafting a hilarious parody focusing on traumatized people seeking for a Master makes me think about finding a master as well but I am fine alone.

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