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  • The Unholy Three

    The Unholy Three


    Dealers Choice Directors Challenge
    Week 14: Tod Browning’s The Unholy Three (1925)

    This week I’d asked specifically for Pre-1940’s directors as I normally enjoy silent and early cinema and knew there would be a wealth of films for me to discover there. I’d wanted to watch The Unknown (1927) with Lon Chaney, but that proved difficult to track down. In fact, other than his more widely seen titles of Dracula (1931) and Freaks (1932), very few of Browning’s films are…

  • The Yin Yang Master

    The Yin Yang Master


    The only reason that this isn't getting a 1 star is the sets and production design. Literally everything else was dire.

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  • Bullet Ballet

    Bullet Ballet


    Dealers Choice Directors Challenge
    Week 2: Shinya Tsukamoto’s Bullet Ballet (1998)

    Bullet Ballet: What a title! To me, it conjures imagery of finely polished, elegant action choreography against a backdrop of violence. But this movie is less of a ballet and more of a drunken breakdance, where the music becomes a blur and heads are spinning so fast you expect to hear the snap of necks at any moment and watch it all collapse to the ground. Its all the…

  • The Station Agent

    The Station Agent


    Director Challenge Week 9
    Tom McCarthy’s The Station Agent 2003

    *Full Disclaimer* The properly chosen director for this week’s challenge was Juan Jose Campanella but I was unable to find any of his films available to rent or stream online so Tom McCarthy was the second choice nominee.

    After faltering slightly last week in choosing a lesser known film from the director based on it’s ‘Star Quality’ I could have quite easily have made the same error here; opting for…