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  • Space Cop

    Space Cop

    Jay: "...I think there's some creative things here and there, not really good but I enjoyed it."
    Mike: "Well, you see Jay- I think this movie sucks, the people who made it are frauds, and everyone who watches movies is dumb."
    Rich Evans: *Uncontrollable Laughter*

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    A mildly endearing but shallow comedy about some Gen-X'ers reliving a goofy childhood pastime to bring themselves together. Nothing really wrong with it but it doesn't stand out in your mind once it's over- a symptom many comedies from the 2010's suffer from since they're so concerned with being inoffensive (to the crowd of spineless, whiny, narcissistic, idiotic, pansie piece of shit slobs on Twatter I'm sure), a lot of comedic potential and humor get lost along the way.

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  • Mulan



    Unfortunately due to the imminent end of the world Mulan has foregone a theatrical release in favor of releasing as a thirty-dollar rental exclusively on Disney's streaming platform, Disney+. Now, thirty dollars is a lot of money for just one movie, and I imagine most folks on here can't afford a theater-caliber viewing experience to put in their home, but there is a much greater alternative and you can even save a bit of money out of it!…

  • Do the Right Thing

    Do the Right Thing


    A slow-burning slice-of-life drama juxtaposing somber, hard-hitting social commentary pertaining to the cultural, generational, and racial divides in society and systemic oppression that persists to this very day, with some humorous, profanity-laden dialogue, while also capturing the spirit and atmosphere of late-80's New York in a very honest and not-sugarcoated way with some slick editing and shot composition at certain points.

    It's a story about real people with real problems, drawn into a gradually-escalating and tragic situation that shouldn't be…