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  • Tabloid



    I wonder if tabloid type stories has artistic value by itselves, or a director like Morris somehow makes it respectable. And if it's the latter, does it mean artistic value is just a matter of perception? I enjoy this type of documentary (no lack of them thanks to Netflix). It has beauty queen-slash-dominatrix, dreamy mormon, international crime and even cloned dogs. What's not to like? Although, I wonder if people who read tabloids wouldn't say the same thing.

    62/100 | Decent (64th percentile)

  • The Red Pill

    The Red Pill


    This one is sure to lead to massive fights. Which I think is exactly the problem with topics like these - people just can't stay rational. Like, I can only confide in the closest to me, that I think that feminism is not only perhaps minor annoyance to me, because it ruined entertainment, but quite possibly harmful in very major ways. A lot of points MRM makes I came up with myself over the years (I didn't know MRM existed),…

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  • Dog Eat Dog

    Dog Eat Dog


    A movie with Cage AND Dafoe doing drugs, fucking hookers and having food fights. This sounds so good to me. Too bad writing is really bad and apart from a few crazy, funny scenes the movie don't make sense. A lot of experimentation, like pink-tinted scene at the beginning, I didn't expect. Oh, and Cage doing Humphrey Bogart impression... Lets just say it's a shitty movie that made me so happy at the times.

  • Sorcerer



    The movie takes ages to introduce all the characters, and a few seconds to kill them off. Frankly, I found the plot of the film very confusing for no good reason. I just couldn't get into it. There are some tense scenes, and the overall scope of the film is very impressive, but I could hardly believe it is only two hours long, because it felt twice as much.