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  • Stonewall



    This is just a smaller review/critique of this film that I will work on more later today or this week or whatever.

    This is by far one of the worst films I have ever had to sit through. In this film I found sexism, transphobia, homophobia, white supremacy, whitewashing, altering history for your own personal gain, and an overall changing of a story in order to appeal to an audience that should be educated rather than pandered to.

    Now where…

  • Paris is Burning

    Paris is Burning


    First and foremost, if you're
    I don't care if you don't like this movie. (Trust me, I know people...) This movie isn't for you, and it's above you. It thrives off of people not caring about it. The people are part of an underground phenomena that doesn't need any kind of fame. Everything about this is a culture phenomenon. Don't get me wrong, it's not a very mainstream thing, but things leak out. For fucksake, Madonna is…

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  • Chandu the Magician

    Chandu the Magician


    The hokiness of the B picture was nice and I liked Bela's parts, but the exotic fetishizing of the area by Hollywood of the time just really made me lose interest.

  • Blockers



    -The sentimental moments are a plus.
    -The lesbian subplot was the reason I came and it's the reason I was happy with the film.
    -I liked that it made the misogynistic sex comedies of the 90's and twisted them around to be more feminist. (Nothing groundbreaking, but like it was refreshing when considering the genre's past.)
    - Some pretty good acting from the actresses.

    - No one will ever convince me to enjoy Ike Barinholtz's performances.
    - Not…

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  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas

    How the Grinch Stole Christmas


    Reasons why Letterboxd should take this film more seriously:

    - Ron Howard's best film. Can you think of something better? I can't.
    - One of three Oscar noms Jim Carrey was robbed of.
    - I'm sorry but the script is funny as hell and makes this trainwreck so pleasing.
    - Utter madness on the screen.
    - ORIGINAL SONG "WHERE ARE YOU CHRISTMAS" SANG BY THE TALENTED FAITH HILL (and co written by the Queen of Christmas herself, Mariah Carey)

  • The Witch

    The Witch


    “There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.”
    - Alfred Hitchcock

    This film was just so magnificent for me to watch on the big screen. I was utterly spooked, but my friends not so much. I tried to tell them all of the reasons why it horrified me so much, but they just didn't get it. The audience I saw it with did not particularly like it either. That was probably one of the first…