A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★½

Shoutout to the heterosexual who kept making "clever remarks" about how unbelievable the film was and her gay friend who just shrugged at her. Horror movies are gay culture and you were a guest we don't care if you weren't scared Hanna.

Anyway, I love a good gimmick and this was exactly what I got. I mean, a lot of horror films utilize sound to a great degree, I mean think of Don't Breathe that came out awhile back. It was almost there, but it used only sound and less-so visuals, which I think I would have liked more in theaters, but didn't get the chance. However, the fact that you could hear people holding their breaths, it was kind of exciting? Somebody sneezed and I fucking jumped.

A great aspect of the film I noticed immediately is that we do not get an opening sequence of how we got to this point, which is such a great horror device. Like, it was something I appreciated from It Comes At Night, and a couple others that I can't recall at the moment.

The only down part was a tonal shift about 3/4s in that never quite recovers the spooks, but still gave me a bit of the emotional support that keeps The Conjuring films afloat, but fairs better with them solely for the fact they use these sorts of things throughout the film apart from the second half solely.

Definitely a lot of fun and gives you just the right amount of anxiety as long as you have a good audience to watch it with, which I did for once and I was pleasantly surprised.

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