Buddies ★★★★★

So many movies about AIDS feels like a film that exists just for the sake of a cause, rather than telling a human story. This film breathes, it has a heart and it has a lot to say. It's complicated and it doesn't have all of the answers, but it's trying. It wants to know why. Why are my friends and loved ones dying? Why would God do this? Is God doing this? Why doesn't the government care? Why doesn't Hollywood care? Can we show our compassion even if it's not immediately affecting us? Love isn't always promised to us, so the love we have we need to be thankful for and take it for granted.

I was weeping by the end of this movie and I just didn't know how I hadn't seen this film yet. I specifically watched it for The Gilded Films Podcast which I chose this as one of the extra films to be reviewed in the second episode and I'm so glad that I did. This is essential viewing.

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