Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★★½

As a movie on its own it makes no sense really. It’s so odd to think of this as a film trilogy when it plays a lot more like a three episode mini series. But with a format like Netflix, it only makes sense that this has become an option for film to be. Which isn’t the worse thing in the world. Just an observation. 

Overall I think it ends the series nicely and I do want to revisit this trilogy so I’m sure my estimations of it as a whole will only grow fonder over time. I like the first half is a popcorn version of The Witch and then we finally get a finale for the 1994 crew so it’s technically two episodes in the one volume. (So I guess it’s a four episode mini series) 

I liked these movies. They kept the atmosphere of the books quite well in their translations and I would easily watch more movies based in Shadyside.

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