Little ★½

All studio comedies are starting to look and feel and read the same. Like I have seen this movie a dozen times in the past few years. Some different elements and different actors and different set ups, but overall the same movie about someone who doesn't have a clue, something extreme happens to them, they get a clue, it's resolved. There are sprinklings of modern culture that will only be funny for a year and a half after the film is released. Some fake heart and depth is put in. Some of the films have something extra to add. Little doesn't. Sure it has Marsai Martin who is absolute star in the making and her phenomenal role as executive producer at her young age and I'm so in love with Issa Rae, but they don't hold this film up whatsoever. There's nothing special about it and maybe I can see it being someone's favorite if they haven't seen a lot like it, but I have and I will not remember anything about it in a week.