Parasite ★★★★★

Possibly a perfect movie. I can't see a whole lot wrong with it. It has a great commentary on social and economic class. It's got just enough style to it that it isn't a film steeped in reality that it's just another drama or thriller. There's a stamp on it. Every character in this film is likable and despicable in equal measures. How I can have affections and disdain for both sides at the same time is a mark for great characterization and acting in this.

After the screening I was getting a little reflective and was sad about how people in the US watch foreign films and like... this film is a hit, but it should be a much larger hit, but god forbid people actually see something not in English?? Like I know reading stuff quickly on a screen isn't possible for everyone, but you know it's an overall lack of interest that just adds to a larger ordeal is the problem here.

I think it's safe to say this is a lock in for the foreign language awards circuits? I'm excited to see what else gets thrown into the conversation, but if this doesn't end up dominating, I'll be surprised.

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