Phantom of the Paradise

Phantom of the Paradise ★★★★

Thought I'd change stuff up and share the writing I did while watching this. Some of this doesn't have context and is a bit more like commentary.

What makes a horror fantasy film and what makes this the best like the DVD box proclaims? Most horror films are pretty fantastical, but to say it is fantasy, it has to take place in a world that isn’t ours or a part of our world that we don’t necessarily visit ourselves or can’t by any means. Are the confusing fantasy with musical? If so, it’s still Rocky Horror Picture Show. That’s just undeniable. This isn’t gay enough, and gay is always better. It’s undeniable. Mommie Dearest is a lot better than either Godfather. I want a midnight viewing of this. I’m sure it’s a staple. I don’t see how it couldn’t be.

de Palma is a lot better as these kinds of films. I mean, Carrie, this and Sisters is about all I’ve seen, but is there a better trilogy from an acclaimed director? Yes, but it’s still pretty good. I think this would also work as a double feature with Suspiria. Obsession mixed with a love for music, some aesthetic and of course, monsters. Imagine this film during the consumerism boom of the Reagan era.

I forgot how kind of gay hating it is. Which is odd how much camp it uses to sell the story.

Sing Sing as the location of the prison is a great pun.

Listening to the split screen with headphones is a sensation I would not be getting otherwise, this is a great.

Is this Swan guy a Phil Spector satire? If so, good. Fuck that guy. At least we got a good Christmas album out of him. The Phantom is on an opposite spectrum giving us some kind of post modern pop. Farrah Abraham is shook. Still no fantasy. Rock N Roll, some surrealism or just style, a monster movie, but fantasy??? I SEE NOTHING FANTASTICAL. The camp in this is apparent, but it’s so weird to watch this kind of camp with no kind of queer sensibility in it, which is counter productive, but I can’t really say this is schlock as much as it is camp in the sense camp has something to say in its off putting style.

More gay jokes with this lead singer?? Commentating on the queerness of glam rock?? Adam Lambert would play this character really well. This guy is cute too though, despite his problematic framing. The show is really a great one though the way it’s set up as if a haunted house put on a concert. Why don’t we do stuff gimmicky like that?

While de Palma is a good director, sometimes I wish he was queer just so we could get a better sensibility with him. Like his films are almost perfect despite male gaze and homophobia. It was also the 70s and the usual state of cinema, but still. I don’t know much about the Phantom of the Opera, but this is the definitive version of it.

Phoenix sounds like Karen Carpenter. That’s a great thing.

Imagine a Sunset Boulevard musical told like this. I want to make that! He signed a great contract, how do I get immortality?? I bet Cher has this kind of contract with Warner Bros.

Then it just turns into a Portrait of Dorian Grey?? What the hell. This is great.

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