Rocketman ★★★½

Costumes are perfect and Egerton gives a damn good performance. He is shirtless so much in this movie... heart eyes.

And you know what the film is queer enough to make some people groan when the gay stuff happened and you know what? Happy pride.

The biopic stuff still held it down especially with the final chapters of the film. However, the absolute style that the film has with the musical numbers elevates it to a place of pure enjoyment. (Even if the timeline doesn't fit with anything in real life at all!)

Also Bryce Dallas Howard plays a role in this I was quite surprised by, especially since I didn't realize she was in this.

Finally, "Rocketman" is a good song, but to make it the centerpiece while "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me" is just another song in the setlist? Come on. A valid scene mind you, but I still think that is quite possibly his best song and deserved something bigger.