The Company of Strangers

The Company of Strangers ★★★★★

Only 106 other people have viewed this on Letterboxd... that's amazing to me that such an incredible film has been under the radar. The media has a way with the kind of stories old people get. All of the big blockbuster films star the young people of today. Hell, I hardly see films focused on older women in wide release. Even the old men get films like Dirty Grandpa and Going in Style. Granted, this film is never meant to be taken in by the mainstream audiences since its narrative is small and easy. However, it's the ideas that these women put on the screen that make it so beautiful. After the film I found out that many of the stories these women told were ad-libbed and it made the film even more of a treat for me. It has an incredible appetite for sentimentalness and really evoking emotion in the viewer without ever saying how you should feel about what you are told. It's really easy though because all of these characters are incredible and fleshed out so beautifully. I'm so glad my friend showed me this because there is no way I would have known about it.

I suggest everyone else watch it too! It's on FilmStruck!!

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