The Odyssey

The Odyssey ★★★★½

"I am the same, I'm the same, I'm trying to change."

I know everyone is talking about Lemonade, but there is also an epic video by another songstress out now too. Granted, it's not fair to compare the two other than these two films are presented to us by two powerful females in today's music industry.

Lemonade talks about feminism and black female solidarity, coming from a place of pain and rising from the ashes. The Odyssey is similar, but it is a much more personal story, with a bit less social commentary. Haycock explained the concept as: "Florence's personal journey to find herself again after the emotional storm of a heartbreak. Like the layers of Dante's purgatory, each song or chapter represents a battle that Florence traversed and physical landscape that embodied each song or story." The performances are powerful and the story uses religious symbolism mixed with personal tragedy and metaphor all throughout the film to its perfection.

While I'd like to think this is the direction music is going, I don't think this is something many artists can pull off. Beyonce and Florence are genius artists so they can pull this off perfectly. Others? Well, let's see.

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