The Odyssey

The Odyssey ★★★★★

This used to be rated only 4 and a half stars by me. How silly.

This album has easily become one of my favorite albums of all time. How many people get a film that ties directly to one of their favorite albums?

I know this sounds ridiculous, but How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful is probably the closest thing I know to true religion. It's the journey one has to go on in order to escape their past and run to the future. However, it is so scary because everything you are so familiar with is in the past, no matter how dangerous that past was. Some would rather die in comfort than live among uncertainty. That's the lesson Florence has taught me with this absolutely astonishing album.

The film itself is an absolute masterpiece, telling such personal stories of overcoming the darkness and trying to find yourself in absolutely beautiful scenes. There are so many places where Florence is showing her vulnerability and her weaknesses being overcome by her past mistakes.

Like, no one asked her to be this kind of visual artist since we expect it from pop artists, but we are truly blessed by her artistry.

While, I haven't gone through the exact things, but I'm going through a very similar journey in my life so this is exactly the kind of thing that I'm so in tune with right now. I go through a flurry of emotions listening to the album or watching the film. It's an emotion hardly matched by other things I've experienced in life...

Honestly, if I ever got to meet Florence Welch, I'd probably start crying and thank her so much for everything her music has gotten me through.

I still can't listen to "Third Eye" with dry eyes.

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