Wendy and Lucy

Wendy and Lucy ★★★★

Part of the Sally Jane Black challenge!
10. A quiet but not silent film.

I am distraught. Mostly over the ending, but I would definitely say the rest of the film also put me in awful mood.

This film understands what poverty does to people. It understands the hearts that break through struggle they go through just to make it by. I think the saddest lines were when she said she "can't get a job without an address", and the man replied, "you can't get an address without an address." It knows how the American capitalist system wants to fuck us over. It wants us to struggle so that a majority of us will depend on them in order to get by. The control it has on us. I've never been homeless, nor have I even been close to it. I'm lucky. However, finances is a number one anxiety for me so watching this made my throat dry. Especially the scene with the car because I also have a lot of car-related issues going on right now. Again, not as dire, but we always want to insert ourselves into the art we experience.

I would also like to say that using a dog as one of the main characters is the easiest way for me to get emotionally invested into a film. Brava.

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