Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread ★★★★★

Ever since I watched this film the first time and waiting to see it the next, I have become addicted to this film as I do with almost every Paul Thomas Anderson film. His movies stay with me in a lingering effect like cravings for Cheetos when you had some awhile ago and I never stop thinking of each of his films in their own unique texture Anderson creates. Phantom thread of course became another and just like when I saw there will be blood again, I became overwhelmed how astoundingly perfect and strong it is and I let it sweep over me. I saw the first moments of this film on DVD today of Alma over the fire and I actually shed a tear by the time you see Daniel start shaving because I've missed this film so much, i longed to see it again but I knew to properly see it again on DVD to truly cherish it once more. I didn't realize how much I truly worship and love this film. Not just the dialogue, the clothes,the music, the acting and directing but it's essence of all these together like an opera. I love the beauty of this film, it's tenderness and the bitterness underneath it that makes this film so outstanding. Completely wordlessly perfect to me.

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