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  • Bad Blood: The Movie

    Bad Blood: The Movie


    Day 21, A horror/sci-fi hybrid set underwater.

    OK so not set underwater, but its a werefrog!

    A couple of scientists create a beast in their basement that comes out on the full moon, and its not the howling hairy kind of beast.

    The scientists basement has that lovely hue of green and muck I loved this, if you Amphib on a full moon you like popping those humans, head first. Like popping a ring pull. Cheers!

    Transformation was done really…

  • Lily C.A.T.

    Lily C.A.T.


    Day 20, A horror/sci-fi hybrid set in space

    This is something I could sit and enjoy with 2 of my kids, and feel like I'm giving them a little taste of Alien, and The Thing, without scaring them witless.

    Poor L.I.L.Y C.A.T she was worse for wear at the end of her mission

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  • Friday the 13th: A New Beginning

    Friday the 13th: A New Beginning


    Day 12, What the hell is this? Watch either Halloween III, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2, or Friday the 13th part V.

    Horror films teach you a lot, this one.. don't bring your nephew to your work!

    This shit is funny, I met this girl and she had money....... It's a change, like TCM 2 although that was a lurve story.

    A few things stand out. That mother n junior daftness. 'YOU BIG DILDO, EAT YOUR SLOP!' You don't…

  • Coherence



    Day 18, A film that features time travel or multiple dimensions

    Look the neighbors are having a dinner party. Oh brilliant there's a comet as well.. let's freak them out big style! Imp GRIN!

    Or, that whisper of a ketamine party mangled me

    Choices. Comets hey, who knew!