Ms .45

Ms .45 ★★★★

Almost wrecked me at the start there.
The first rapist gave me the creeps, his voice and that horrible mask. Oh and his parting comments of seeing her again. I was on alert for him again. Interesting to read that that was the director.

From wrecked to giggling, I have to have a serious word with myself.
Dons a cape & leather trousers for a night of man killing.
Chopping up her rapist.
Her dog walk!

Chalk full of charming characters the 'fuck off' girl what a great accent, she'd be a great laugh. Haven't we all had the nosey neighbour, perhaps not as eccentric dress sense as this lady. The ' know' man she meets at the bar, well he had a story to tell hey, and wasn't that a standout scene.

Halloween party was disco-bouncing, would have loved an invite.

Smiled and boogey'd at the saxophone end 🎷

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