Munchies ★★½

Day 24. Roger Corman.

They potentially found an alien creature. The Dad who is needing to make some moolah, thinks well my son can eagle eye watch this precious creature even though his bit of hotness is here for the weekend. Wake up paw, yer older and wiser than that. I blame you!

Creature looks like it was found in the desert on a Star Wars set, like discarded gum. Got the khaki cloak and the shrivelled face.
but wait...when he gets hurt he becomes.....SMASHING!

Lots of budding accents, pick your favourite. Like your favourtie takeaway. I'm on holiday right now, with COVID all we have is FOOD! We are slowly getting back to our top eateries. Not gonna lie, I like these Munchie guys.

Stuff the fridge cause this wee creature made himself some pals and they are frizzy heeded radges. Munchied out their nuts, terrible dress sense, and junk jokes.

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