• The Sadness

    The Sadness


    My Saturday Splatter has been well and truly smashed in.

    Bursting with gore, with a look away dollop of depravity. Beware those massive raging Disney eyes.

    Love is......

  • Studio 666

    Studio 666


    If anyone is gonna complete the tune to open a demonic portal it's the Foo Fighters.

    Gory as all hell, and most lovingly Dave Grohl reminded me of WB's Taz.

    Play it in L

  • Mutilations



    It's as angry as a muttering old man,
    Feet move deceptively sloooooow,
    Floppiest arms in the universe

    Great sook the life out of you kill.

    Its fun, and Roger was my kind of 80's hot 💓

  • Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin

    Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin


    I have developed the biggest fear of peeling tatties.

    Jump scares aside, the story is wicked. I was pleasantly surprised. Go on get yourself in deep.

  • Cemetery Gates

    Cemetery Gates


    A HUGE, experimented on Tasmanian Devil named Precious gets set free at a cemetery which is built upon a set of old mining tunnels. Precious parties hard, slicing, splattering, heck there's even a sleeping bag kill.


    'I love a guy with tattoos, it's gives me something to read during sex'

  • Twixt


    The town in extremely haunted. 

    Val Kilmer plays such a sad sack. I am impressed. He's not likeable, but then lets talk about wee 12yr old bucktooth, with her poisoned braces. Shabby pish, suck it out suck it out.

  • The 4th Man

    The 4th Man


    She's mesmerising isn't she, and I'm not talking about the moon.

    They both had the danger, and I loved the wonder of who would out do the other.

  • Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet

    Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet


    Jeez Mary what a mess you got yourself into, ahhhh a period schizo disorder. Poor Mary, I quickly changed my mind and felt very sorry for her with the 'Mary wanna goo goo gaga daddy's lollipop'.

    A lost child, and alas a return of the crazy periods  brings on a crazy amount of rage, and Mary serves out some Jason power. She's so strong and its all in my favourite black & red. 

    I loved her legend, the holiday, Ouija board with…

  • Choose or Die

    Choose or Die

    Yeah there were moments.

    For me it really came down to getting back to the opening scene. The rest just didn't get my attention. The big boss man with his tortured family were really intriguing, I felt they wasted this part of the story. The final battle is a top notch mixed up cookie rage on. Have they ever put this type of fight in a computer game...... lets make it.

  • House of Wax

    House of Wax


    Well these twins made quite the community didn't they. Momma would be proud.

    It's a good time slashertastic rewatch, the wax kill setup, the house itself, and how brutal the twins are. I mean I sad sighed for the first victim.

    The group of kids are a decent bunch, all had some fight in them. I was impressed with Paris, and glad I didn't have to anxiety over any handbag dogs.

  • The Child

    The Child

    I've got the full on shivers after that.

    The 70's knows how to serve up the creepiest of children. This Child comes with her own entourage, and they look chiller.

    I can sniff the beginnings of The Pit here.

  • Road Trash

    Road Trash


    Elmwood you know there's got to be dark happenings going down there, and I'd love to see this explored more.

    A love of a short, narrated by my favourite Heather Lagenkamp, rocking tunes and heck yes a girl into something more than makeup & sports.

    People are strange, pick up strange addictions. What a hobby, it introduces her to Werewolf Wednesdays at least.

    Available on YouTube. Go on treat yourself