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  • Hereditary



    It has a couple of really creepy scenes that are better than anything presented on both The Witch and It Follows. Sadly, it also has a script full of absurd situations and poorly developed characters. The family interactions are suppose to be the core of the story but the drama feels really forced. The supernatural elements also fall close to self parody (OMG A GLASS MOVES, 2SPOOKY4ME). It also drags a lot so yeah, more of the same from the indie horror factory. Also, that final act feels like a rip off of The Sentinel.

  • Incredibles 2

    Incredibles 2


    Sure, not as great as the original but still a ton of fun. Some felt certain jokes were overused (basically anything involving Jak Jak) but i felt they were in the right dose. The movie knows how to develope family dynamics better than a ton of boring art house dramas could ever dream of doing right.

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  • The Guest

    The Guest


    Here we go, another pseudo retro 80s nostalgia-driven film. Made by directors so pumped when they are making the big action pieces that they forget if they make sense within the story. Or if anything in the story is making sense for that matter. Mysterious stranger arrives to house to improve everyones luck. So far so good, then the character starts doing things that make no sense, cuz he's "evil, and his motivations are never quite clear. The final act…

  • Let's Scare Jessica to Death

    Let's Scare Jessica to Death


    Fascinating atmospheric horror that feels so ahead of it's time. Ahead of most horror films made in America at the time, very much in the vein euro gothic horror. The closest i could think in terms of mood and framing will be Mario Bava. It's an effective slowburn horror tale that plays tricks with the audience, in a clever way. Never showing any contempt for the viewer. It's one of those few movies that truly feels that it fell from another dimension. Deserves a criterion BR pronto.