Zodiac ★★★★

Motherfuckin fuck Mann what the fuck creepy basements trailer parks fucking Downey jr with the boat house god damn motherfucking DNA gosh darn handwritting motherfucking jake gyllenhaal fucking code books in the library cracking zodiac motherfucking mark ruffalo bow tie goddamn movie reels wtf newspapers fucking murders GODDAMN WATCH holy fuck glove in the taxi motherfucking Darlene what the fuck paint party Jesus Christ dude fuck can u believe this shit what the fuck mother fucking Leigh holy fucking murders bullshit in by the lake bitch just fucking pulled over for some creep ass man hun what the motherfucking holy fuck jakes gylenhaal looks so good tho my boy motherfucking solving and going crazy holy fuck breathing heavy god damn breathing this movie long as fuck but my boy Davy finch motherfucking solving the code fucking navy boots booting around gloves size boot size guns motherfucking rain coats creepy ass motherfucking squirrels why he got so many squirrels god damn morherfucking handwriting bitch what the duck Christmas birthday bitch Chloe severals just dropped his license how the fuck she got his license what the motherfucking goddamn I KNEW IT WAS HIM what the duck looking at him in the eyes yasaass jake green menthol motherfucking books goddamn dude got shot motherfucking it was him motherfucking heart problems my ass bitch goddamn cracked the code fuck

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