Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II ★★★★

At first glance, 'Evil Dead II' looks shit... to put kindly. The acting and the effects look they have been taken straight out of a B movie, the development in the story and characters are non-existent, and your parents are looking at you thinking that you've lost your mind for putting it on the television.

Yet myself and so many others find ourselves constantly returning to the cabin in the woods, just like 'Ash' who didn't learn his lesson from the first time. People may sneer at it, thinking that it's low art rubbish, but you can bet that they're laughing from start to finish, unable to change the channel or take the DVD out of its player.

Despite preferring the predecessor for its slow-burning, straight-faced classic take on horror, 'Evil Dead II', essentially Sam Raimi spoofing his own film, is one of the most deliriously fun and demented films that you could possibly wish for. Never mind the debt that so many horror films and their makers owe to Raimi and company for more or less creating the go-to rules, all you need to see is Bruce Campbell replace is severed hand with a chainsaw. That's exactly what you're getting yourself in to - now bask in its groovy gory glory.

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