The Vigil

The Vigil ★★

The Vigil follows a Jewish man who, during a crisis of faith, has to watch over a dead body for the night to ward off evil spirits, which inevitably turn quite literal. It's interesting seeing a horror film from a Jewish perspective, as these sorts of films tend to be monopolised by Christianity.

Unfortunately though this is yet another modern horror film that mistakes turning the soundtrack up to a deafening volume for crafting effective jump scares. It's cheating - human beings are instinctually hardwired to fear loud noises, just as you would scare the shit out of any living creature if you were suddenly going to blow an air horn into its ear.

There is a great metaphor for the collective traumas that Jewish people have shouldered in modern history buried in this underwhelming horror film somewhere, but aside from a decent set-up this doesn't do enough to stand out from the busy market of paranormal horror films, perhaps borrowing most heavily from the superior The Autopsy of Jane Doe.

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