Where the Crawdads Sing

Where the Crawdads Sing ★★

A mawkish melodrama that struggles to nail down a tone as it flits between an overly simplified abuse narrative and a syrupy romance. Normal People's Daisy Edgar-Jones does her best as the 'marsh girl' accused of murdering her lover, but she is burdened by direlogue like, “Being completely alone was a feeling so vast it echoed", while the ever-likeable David Strathairn can't add any different shades to his one-dimensional good-hearted lawyer.

It's a shame because there is a good story buried in there somewhere. But this is such a ham-fisted exploration of an outsider, ignoring the fact that the objectively beautiful (and white) Edgar-Jones is unlikely to ever be shunned in any 1950s US society. However, what do I know? This is one of those films that has a low Rotten Tomatoes score amongst critics but a very favourable score amongst general audiences, and as multiple audible gasps echoed around the relatively busy screening I was in, I dare say that this weepy love story will be a favourite amongst many.

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