Tig ★★★★★

"Good evening, I have cancer"

Truly one of the most beautiful documentaries I have ever watched.
Documenting the past three years of Tig Notaro's life, Tig is about love, loss, and what one strong woman had to do in order to survive.

One of the most beautiful things expressed in this documentary is how Tig uses her art as a way to not only find meaning in life, but to heal. Her audience connects and identifies with such a serious topic that is way too common and often never talked about in such away.
Tig is one of the most iconic standups of this generation and this documentary shows that she deserves this status probably more than anyone else on the scene today.

In addition, Tig's desire to start a family with her adorable fiance, Stephanie Allynne, brings more love and hope to an incredible human, survivor, and artist.

I do not only love this documentary because I am a fan of both Tig and Stephanie, I love it because this story is human and it's a gift Tig has chosen to share with us.

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