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  • Roman Holiday
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  • The Meetings of Anna
  • Cléo from 5 to 7

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  • Crossing Bridges

    Crossing Bridges


    A narrative from the fringes of Indian polity, Crossing Bridges is the first film made in the Sherdukpen language that is native to a small community of people from Arunachal Pradesh. Arunachal is hardly paid attention to by the Indian mainland, barring the Sino-Indian dispute over the territory. And unbeknownst to the mainland, people continue living their lives in Arunachal. As Tashi's friend tells — there's not much to do in the village, but there's farming.

    It would be appalling…

  • Weekend


    ...that for a homosexual, the best moment of love is likely to be when the lover leaves in the taxi.” ~ Foucault in conversation with James O’Higgins in Sexual Choice, Sexual Act

    I've always wanted that one queer film capturing moments spent in the kitchen making tea. Intimate moments during which the mutual space is filled with the comfortable knowledge of whether the other likes their tea black or without sugar. The home then, curated with care, comes to be…

Recent reviews

  • When Were You Born

    When Were You Born

    A very interesting premise built upon the mingling of the spiritual and the non-spiritual. Astrological bearings breaking through a surface level murder mystery, all packed into a brief runtime of a little over an hour. Leaves room for wanting more but is just enough to make the mind wonder.

  • Dark Journey

    Dark Journey


    A quaint underrated marvel! Fantastic moments of glitz and mellow romance giving way seamlessly to an action packed espionage thriller. All set against the backdrop of an Europe during the Great War, embroiled in the complexity of its time’s distinguished politics. Being a mystery, however, does not desist Dark Journey to also navigate in its own pace the classic case of the unfulfilled and seemingly impossible love, this time only caught up in questions of the political and the national. Where loyalties are blurred and…

Popular reviews

  • Dheu



    We are given a character who appears for the first few minutes, and he reappears later only in the soul-body severed form; a form when the person becomes an object, a body. And for those first few minutes, one may expect it to happen to the other person but that does not.

    Dheu opens up a very contemporary perspective into a nation right on the other side of the Indian border; a country whose language I speak but whose cinema…

  • Terror



    If I'm to choose the words 'underrated gem' to ever describe a film, Atanka has to be it! A heartbreakingly under-appreciated Tapan Sinha film, to think that a few thought provoking films like this came out of the clutter that Tollywood was in the decade of the 80s, it is truly remarkable.

    As if contrasting the politically charged films that ruled Tollywood in the 70s, Atanka is rooted in the unique politics of Bengal in the 80s yes, but the…