The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★★

There's not a single sword fight in this movie, and thank god for that. Instead, the film tells a simple story dripping in verisimilitude. The first scene with the Green Knight is the signature scene, from the possession of Gwenevere to the sound design of the titular knight to the moment when Arthur hands Excalibur to Gawain.

Dev Patel is fantastic as Gawain, a much more flawed counterpart to the legendary Gawain. Even though there are huge portions of the script without dialogue, Patel communicates the character flawlessly. Alicia Vikander deserves an Academy Award for not only portraying two characters, but for nailing her monologue on the color green.

The film also deserves MTV's best kiss award for the kiss between Joel Edgerton and Dev Patel.