Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★½

And so the trilogy ends. Somehow, Richard Linklater managed to make an entire trilogy where there wasn't one that stood from the rest, or one where it was the weakest link. People will say that Empire Strikes Back or The Dark Knight was the greatest of their respective trilogies, but that is not the case for the Before trilogy. Each film was so meticulously crafted, and extremely well directed that I honestly cannot find one greater than the other. Before Midnight is a worthy conclusion to the greatest couple ever displayed in film. What made it different from the first two were those moments that make you go "Shit, this cannot be happening!", but, it was also filled with happy and romantic moments which is what the Before trilogy is all about. The dialogue is still masterfully flawless, and the scenes are brilliantly executed. I think I'm ready to watch Linklater's magnum opus, Boyhood.

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