Spencer ★★★★★

They can hear you.
They hear everything.
They know everything.

It feels pretty good knowing that my 1000th film logged on this site is a masterpiece. This had me enthralled from start to finish. I know it's not exactly original commentary but man, I completely forgot that Kristen Stewart was playing Diana. I mean she completely dissapears into this role. The accent, the little mannerisms, the facial expressions, it's perfect. I immediately grit my teeth when the first few notes of that Jonny Greenwood score played. I refuse to believe that man is human. The score in this film is phenomenal and I'm not really educated enough to tell you why. It just is. It fits so well. Every bit of tension and anxiety comes through in the score. Also this film has one of the best montages I've seen, like, ever? Just amazing. This is my first Pablo Larraín film and it made me want to watch everything he's made. Impeccable effort from everyone involved. Go see it on a big screen.

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