Captain Marvel ★★★½

“i don’t have to prove anything to you.”

such a deeply personal, empowering, and brilliant story, one with such relatable and emotional themes i haven’t seen in a superhero movie in what feels like forever. directed like no other superhero film, captain marvel flies higher, further, and faster to the unseen realms of the marvel cinematic universe with a story that you’d expect to be an epic alien race war, but gives us a smaller scale, idiosyncrinized story and quietly subverts our expectations whilst presenting how value is found in oneself. not by stereotypes, not by hate, but by how we as individuals, as humans, embrace and develop ourselves, despite what might happen. this is ultimately about human connection, with ourselves and with our environment.

most deconstructions on superheroes are about what it means to be a superhero built from a human perspective. because that’s what they are, right? well, captain marvel gives us a unique deconstruction on the exact opposite of what we usually see in these movies; it shows us what it means to be a human, and a minority of that, from a superhero perspective. she didn’t choose to become this unstoppable force, but she realizes that her powers don’t define who she is like she was forced to believe. it uses an atypically structured narrative to its emotional benefit - hell, even the twist contributes perfectly with its purely emotional themes and message. there’s so much i want to write about this that i can’t due to spoilers. what you can and can’t do isn’t determined by those who deem to be above you. it’s determined by what you believe you can do. there’s also so much to gaze about it’s technicalities, but this is already getting too long so all i’ll say is that brie larson give an out-of-this-world performance. she perfectly portrays what her character goes through and brings her to life. this movie validated me and showed me how the oppressed are united and stronger than the oppressors where the x-men movies failed. 

“human male: threat level - low to none.”

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