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  • 9th Company

    9th Company


    Bit rubbish. Smells a little of army recruitment videos. Redeemed by a crackin training montage.

  • The Rescuers Down Under

    The Rescuers Down Under


    This film is so important and beautiful. The opening bit where you travel through the flowers to Uluru is a masterpiece in animation and atmosphere and just that alone is enough to make me very happy, but also literally everything about this film is pure and beautiful.

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  • Abducted



    It's like if someone tore off a page of Taken's script and left it in a dirty alley in London and it's a bit rain damaged and someone's trampled on it a couple of times, but they have to make a movie -somehow!!!- and so we have this crap.

  • The Way He Looks

    The Way He Looks


    I don't think my heart has ever reacted so strongly to a romance story line before. I once read something about being in love with other people's love, or the idea of love, or something along those lines, and this film is the case in point for me. It's good to know I can still react to something this way.

    Also it reminds me of my baby!queer confusion when I was a kid haha