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  • Lionman



    This technically counts as a movie.

  • Beat the Devil

    Beat the Devil


    This afternoon, I ran into a friend at a bar and told him I was seeing this later this evening. He asked what it was about, and I told him I wasn't sure. I had seen it before, but it was difficult to explain the plot. I'll text him after I saw it again. So, now I've seen it again. And I still don't know what the fucking thing is about. Five stars.

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  • The Loneliest Planet

    The Loneliest Planet


    Nothing happens for an hour. Then one thing happens and someone makes a knee jerk reaction. Then one no one talks about either the thing that happened or the the reaction to what happened. Hard to say since no one's talking. Then nothing happens for another hour until there's an awkward moment. Then nothing happens at the end. I was riveted.

  • 7 Chinese Brothers

    7 Chinese Brothers


    During the Q&A after the movie, one gentleman told the director that he needs to tweak the screenplay a little before he sends it to the big multiplexes, and then proceeded to talk about a script of his that he plans to shoot this year and get into next year's festival. He plans to get a bigger star than Jason Schwartzman. The director nodded and said, "okay."