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This review may contain spoilers.

It breaks away from both Disney and Pixar on a few elements. It doesn't end with some new, extended, motley family like most Pixar movies. And it doesn't feature a heroin who longs for a relationship or even eventually give in to the appeal of being in a relationship. I've already seen a few articles suggesting that the lead character is gay, but I much more prefer the idea of a character who just isn't interested in being in a relationship. It's a welcome change of pace for me.

So there are bits I loved. The familial relationships. The evil bear. The witch. The transformation. But there were too many plot elements that bugged me. For instance, why be so vague when asking a witch for a spell? Wouldn't you want to be absolutely clear in this moment? How did no one notice a bear sneaking through a room when the lead character is giving her big speech? And why is her first instinct to hide her mother who's now a bear rather than trying to explain it to anyone rationally? Also, the faux Scottish pop songs about love and sharing were not at all to my taste. And finally, the mother's line, "We both have [changed]." Ugh. None of these elements ruined the movie for me. They're just indicative of why it didn't quite work for me.

But it stands out from many other Pixar movies. Perfectly enjoyable.