The Lake House ★★★★½

i have a vivid memory of watching this movie when i was a young teen. i remembered there were letters and time traveling involed and i remember being extremely sad and confused by the end of it, and honestly i think it scarred me a bit. this was definitely one of the first “complicated” movies (aka what i called any movie that wasn’t a kids movie) i ever watched which is why i think i pretty much blocked it from my memory and refused to watch it again. (i was sad and couldn’t put the plot together okay) 
so every time someone mentioned this movie to me all i could think was “that weird movie that traumatized me and made no sense”.

now, more or so 10 years later, i decided to rewatch it and... WHY DID I LOVE THIS SO MUCH???? NO WONDER IT CONFUSED ME AS A KID NO WONDER IT MADE ME SAD!! 22 YEAR OLD ME WAS SOBBING AT 3AM!!! maybe its cause i genuinely love time travel but this concept makes my heart warm. it has some plot holes for sure, but sandra and keanu are so good together i don’t even care. the whole slow dancing sequence might be my favorite part of the entire movie actually... their chemistry is insane and the fact that they both had crushes on each other but did nothing about it will forever haunt me. goodbye.

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